Summer of Fun

Show us your summer of fun – See your photo on TV!

The last year has been incredibly hard as we faced the challenges of reaching and teaching our students amid a global pandemic. And while certain state leaders may be pushing for tedious academic exercises all summer to help students catch up, it’s just as important for all of us – educators and students alike –to reset socially and emotionally, and just enjoy a “normal” summer.

Snap a pic. Spread the word.

Whether you’re having a picnic in the park or spending the day at the zoo, the Ohio Education Association is celebrating our members who are embracing the spirit of summer and doing what they love with their families. As you’re enjoying fun summer activities that allow you to relax and the kids around you to just be kids again, we asked members to take a couple photos and send them our way.

Thanks to all the members that submitted photos! OEA will be featuring the photos in TV commercials statewide to encourage all Ohio families to enjoy a summer of fun, too, rather than pressuring kids to complete tedious academic drills.