Ohio Learning Standards

Ohio’s students are instructed on learning standards that were adopted through the legislative process. Students are also assessed according to these standards. To find out more about the Ohio’s Learning Standards, please visit our coalition partnership page with The Ohio Standard at: http://www.theohstandard.org/  Questions and resources regarding the Common Core Standards, Ohio Learning Standards, and developmentally appropriate standards can be found on this site.

Content areas and grade level bands which have identified and articulated standards can be found on the Ohio Department of Education page: http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Ohios-Learning-Standards

Ohio’s Learning Standards are currently in a revision process. OEA has identified members to serve on the Ohio Learning Standards Advisory Committees for Social Studies, Science, and Financial Literacy. It is important that throughout the revision process, educators and OEA members who work most closely with the content and with students learning the content are acknowledged for their expertise in both teaching and learning.

To provide your feedback on Ohio’s Learning Standards, please select your area of interest on the Ohio Department of Education Standard Revision Overview page at http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Ohios-Learning-Standards/Standard-Revision-Overview