Ohio Education Association Candidate Recommendations

Ohio’s Election Day is upon us, and it is more important now than ever that educators across Ohio turn out to the polls to make their voices heard and ensure pro-public education candidates advance to the General Election. Please make a plan to vote this November 2022. You can look up your polling location here.

Click here to look up your current legislative district under the latest state maps.

As part of your voting plan, we urge all OEA members to check out the preliminary list of candidates recommended by the OEA members below. Many more candidate recommendations will be made after the Primary, so please continue to check for updates.

It is important to note that OEA members across the state—not OEA staff or leaders—make all the endorsement decisions. In each race, candidates from both parties are asked to fill out questionnaires describing their positions on education issues, and those who are state officeholders are also rated on their education votes in the General Assembly. Candidates are then interviewed by OEA members who work in the district or area in which candidates are seeking office. Based on the candidate’s views on public education issues—and only on public education issues—the OEA Fund State Council and District Screening Committees vote on whether to endorse specific candidates.

You can learn more about the OEA Fund and the screening process here.

**If viewing the recommended candidates list on a mobile phone or small screen, please rotate your device to a horizontal orientation for better viewing.**

Statewide Seat Recommended Candidate
Governor/ Lt. Governor Nan Whaley (D)/Cheryl Stephens (D)
Attorney General Jeffery Crossman (D)
Secretary of State NO POSITION
Auditor of State NO POSITION
Treasurer of State Scott Schertzer (D)
US Senate Recommended Candidate
US Senate – OH Tim Ryan (D)
Judicial Seat Recommended Candidate
Chief Justice of the OH Supreme Court Justice Jennifer Bruner (D)
Associate Justice of the OH Supreme Court Judge Marilyn Zayas (D)
Associate Justice of the OH Supreme Court Judge Terri Jamison (D)
Ohio House Recommended Candidate
District 1 Dontavius Jarrells (D)
District 2 Latyna Humphrey (D)
District 3 NO POSITION
District 4 Mary Lightbody (D)
District 5 Richard Brown (D)
District 6 Adam Miller (D)
District 7 Allison Russo (D)
District 8 Beth Liston (D)
District 9 NO POSITION
District 10 Russ Harris (D)
District 11 Anita Somani (D)
District 12 NO POSITION
District 13 Mike Skindell (D)
District 14 Sean Brennan (D)
District 15 NO POSITION
District 16 Bride Rose Sweeny (D)
District 17 Tom Patton (R)
District 18 NO POSITION
District 19 Phil Robinson (D)
District 20 Terrance Upchurch (D)
District 21 Elliot Forhan (D)
District 22 Juanita Brent (D)
District 23 Dan Tory (D)
District 24 Dani Isaacsohn (D)
District 25 Cecil Thomas (D)
District 26 Sedrick Denson (D)
District 27 Rachel Baker (D)
District 28 Jessica Miranda (D)
District 29 Cindy Abrams (R)
District 30 Bill Seitz (R)
District 31 NO POSITION
District 32 Matt Shaughnessy (D)
District 33 Tavia Galonski (D)
District 34 Casey Weinstein (D)
District 35 NO POSITION
District 36 Addison Caruso (D)
District 37 NO POSITION
District 38 William Blackshear Jr. (D)
District 39 Leronda Jackson (D)
District 40 NO POSITION
District 41 Nancy Larson (D)
District 42 Erika White (D)
District 43 Michele Grim (D)
District 44 Elgin Rogers, Jr. (D)
District 45 Chuck Horn (D)
District 46 Lawrence Mulligan (D)
District 47 Sam Lawrence (D)
District 48 Scott Oelslager (R)
District 49 Thomas West (D)
District 50 NO POSITION
District 51 Brett Hillyer (R)
District 52 Gayle Manning (R)
District 53 Joe Miller (D)
District 54 NO POSITION
District 55 NO POSITION
District 56 Joy Bennett (D)
District 57 Evan Rosborough (D)
District 58 Al Cutrona (R)
District 59 Eric Ungaro (I)
District 60 NO POSITION
District 61 Louise Valentine (D)
District 62 Brian Flick (D)
District 63 Adam Bird (R)
District 64 Vincent Peterson (D)
District 65 Jennifer Donnelly (I)
District 66 NO POSITION
District 67 Melanie Miller (R)
District 68 NO POSITION
District 69 NO POSITION
District 70 NO POSITION
District 71 NO POSITION
District 72 Kathleen Clyde (D)
District 73 NO POSITION
District 74 NO POSITION
District 75 Haraz Ghanbari (R)
District 76 NO POSITION
District 77 Mark Gooch (D)
District 78 Susan Manchester (R)
District 79 Monica Robb Blasdel (R)
District 80 NO POSITION
District 81 Jim Hoops (R)
District 82 NO POSITION
District 83 NO POSITION
District 84 Sophia Rodriguez (D)
District 85 NO POSITION
District 86 NO POSITION
District 87 NO POSITION
District 88 NO POSITION
District 89 Jim Obergefell (D)
District 90 Brian Baldridge (R)
District 91 Bob Peterson (R)
District 92 NO POSITION
District 93 Jason Stephens (R)
District 94 Jay Edwards (R)
District 95 Don Jones (R)
District 96 Ron Ferguson (R)
District 97 Adam Holmes (R)
District 98 NO POSITION
District 99 NO POSITION
Ohio Senate Recommended Candidate
District 1 NO POSITION
District 3 Tina Maharath (D)
District 5 NO POSITION
District 7 NO POSITION
District 9 Catherine Ingram (D)
District 11 NO POSITION
District 13 Nathan Manning (R)
District 15 Hercel Craig (D)
District 17 Gary Boone (D)
District 19 NO POSITION
District 21 Kent Smith (D)
District 23 Nickie Antonio (D)
District 25 Bill DeMora (D)
District 27 Patricia Goetz (D)
District 29 Kirk Schuring (R)
District 31 NO POSITION
District 33 Robert Hagan (D)
U.S. Congress Recommended Candidate
District 1 Greg Landsman (D)
District 2 NO POSITION
District 3 Joyce Beatty (D)
District 4 NO POSITION
District 5 NO POSITION
District 6 NO POSITION
District 7 NO POSITION
District 8 NO POSITION
District 9 Marcy Kaptur (D)
District 10 NO POSITION
District 11 Shontel Brown (D)
District 12 NO POSITION
District 13 Emila Sykes (D)
District 14 NO POSITION
District 15 NO POSITION
State Board of Education Recommended Candidate
District 2 Teresa Fedor
District 3 NO POSITION
District 4 Katie Hofmann
District 9 NO POSITION
District 10 Tom Jackson

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Updated September 23, 2022


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