Student Local Affiliate Guidelines

Student local “guidelines” should be adhered to as closely as possible.
Each student local should:

  1. Consist of no fewer than ten (10) members.
  2. Have a constitution consistent with the constitution of OEA. At least have a local president and officers, i.e., vice president, secretary, treasurer, etc., as needed.
  3. Conduct elections annually to elect local officers, by April 1 prior to the upcoming membership year.
  4. Meet locally a minimum of five (5) meetings annually.
  5. Be represented by a university faculty advisor or any OEA member. Said advisor should actively coordinate, communicate and participate in the activities of the organization, especially in the membership recruitment and organizational development activities of the local.
  6. Establish a local dues structure.
  7. Establish effective communication channels between local members, officers and advisor(s), and also between the local and state affiliate.
  8. Conduct membership drives each term with follow-up recruitment efforts, in order to maximize participation in the association’s annual activities.
  9. Adhere to the standards of the Code of Ethics of the United Education Profession.

Each student local is encouraged to:

  1. Conduct local fundraising activities to make the local functional.
  2. Send at least two representatives, with at least one being an underclass person, to the OSEA state conferences/training sessions.
  3. Invite state, regional and national elected OSEA/NEA-Student Program leaders and staff to meet with local and potential members to discuss the benefits of OSEA membership.