Topic: Legislative issues and political action

Legislative Watch – February 20, 2024

REMINDER: Voter Registration Deadline and Early Voting Dates for March 19, 2024, Primary Election; OEA Issues First Round of Candidate Recommendations for the 2024 Election; Call to Action: Urge your Legislators to Fully Fund the State Board, don’t increase educator licensure fees; Voucher Accountability Bill Introduced; Anti-Lunch Shaming Bill Introduced in Ohio House; New Bill will Accomplish OEA Goal of $50k State Minimum Starting Teacher Salary

Take Action to Stop Teacher License Fee Increase

Teachers Deserve Support and Respect, not License Fee Increases. Contact your State Representative and State Senator today to fully fund the State Board of Education instead of passing costs onto the backs of hardworking teachers.

Ask Your State Senator to Support HCR 6: Urging Congress to Repeal GPO and WEP

House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 6 is a resolution that urges Congress to repeal GPO and WEP. Write to your State Senator today and urge them to support this resolution. By doing so they will be standing up for Ohio’s public servants and help to improve their economic security in retirement

Legislative Watch – February 6, 2024

Contact Your Member of Congress About the Need to Repeal GPO/WEP; Ohio General Assembly Overrides Governor’s Veto of HB (House Bill) 68 


Make 2024 a year of growth and strength (page 4) Springfield Local Schools staff join to advance awareness of diversity, equity, inclusion (page 5) Comic: A look at Teachers as the film marks its 40th anniversary (page 8) OEA, OAESP …

Legislative Watch – December 18, 2023

Ohio General Assembly Concludes Work for 2023; OEA Asks Members to Call Governor DeWine to Urge Veto of HB 68

Legislative Watch – December 11, 2023

House Passes Resolution on GPO and WEP Repeal; Passes Bill Regarding STRS Board Elections and Student Teacher Eligibility; Please Continue your Advocacy Opposing SB 83, the Higher Education “Destruction” Act

Legislative Watch – December 8, 2023

Senate Bill 83 Narrowly Passes out of the Ohio House Higher Education Committee

Ohio Teacher of the Year Mark Lowrie
December-January 2024 Ohio Schools

COVER STORY: Making an Impact – Commitment and compassion are key to 2024 Ohio Teacher of the Year Mark Lowrie’s award-winning broadcast journalism program at Gahanna Lincoln High School

Legislative Watch – December 4, 2023

Senate Bill 83 Continues to Receive Substantial Opposition; OEA Launches Updated Legislative Scorecard; Take Action on GPO/WEP Repeal

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