OASNP Delegate Luncheon and Caucus

During the 2nd Half of Lunch/Voting Break –Room A124.
OASNP members and any OEA delegates involved in special education are invited.

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Website: OASNP.org – https://oasnp.ohea.us/
Facebook group for OASNP – facebook.com/groups/OASNP/
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OEA Special Education Members – Join OASNP!

  • Are you:
    • Working with students with special needs?
    • Advocating for Students with Special Needs?
    • Co-teaching and/or a Support Staff?
    • Looking for resources or answers?
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What is OASNP? – Why Join?

  • OASNP is a department of OEA devoted specifically to advocating for the needs of members working with students and adults with special needs. OASNP monitors bargaining and professional issues and communicates concerns and suggestions to the various departments and committees within OEA.
  • Along with OEA Districts and the other sub-divisions and caucuses of OEA, OASNP appoints a member to each of the OEA Standing Committees and advocates for the unique needs of its constituency.
    • OASNP representatives on OEA Committees will make sure that issues of concern raised by members, the OEA Special Education Workgroup, and identified in our July OASNP Issues Report are addressed.
  • Your $10 annual OASNP membership dues supports those efforts by funding an annual special education conference, providing newsletters, a website, regional meetings, a subcommittee structure, and supports the efforts of OASNP leadership to represent your interests to OEA leadership.

A Special Education Conference is put on by OASNP each year. This year we hope to hold it in conjunction with the OEA Summer leadership Academy.

  • The theme for this year is “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work,” with a panel discussing what works in teaming for students and consumers and how to address equity for students at our sites.
  • The conference will include the OASNP Annual Meeting with the election of the four Officers and six At-Large Representative for a two-year term.
  • Check our OASNP website for information about past conferences.
  • Use Contact Us to update contact information or be added to the mailing list.

OASNP Issues Report – July 2020

The OASNP Executive Board issued its OASNP Issues Report in July 2020. It is the culmination of work begun in April by the OASNP Executive Board and OASNP members serving on OEA Standing Committees. OASNP members serving on the OEA Standing Committee have shared the report with their committee and are working to see that the issues are addressed.

Concerns fell into four broad areas: Classroom/Worksite Issues, Workload/Caseload, Professional Development, and Student/Adult Client Behavior.

Download OASNP Issues Report July 2020 from our website.  Please submit any questions or comments to one of the OASNP Officers or to OASNP at oasnp@oasnp.org.

OASNP Officers and Executive Board

Chairperson Christina West PCEMR-SSA (Portage CBDD)
Vice-Chairperson Nikki Nadasky PCEMR-SSA (Portage CBDD)
Treasurer Sandy Smith Fischer Streetsboro EA
Secretary Kathy Abrahamson Newton Falls ACE
At-Large Representative #1 Jonetta Reed Euclid TA
At-Large Representative #2 Shawn Ramsay Switzerland of Ohio EA
At-Large Representative #3 Victoria Freday Individual OEA
At-Large Representative #4 Marchell Josie East Cleveland EA
At-Large Representative #5 Rachel Grabowski Crestwood EA
At-Large Representative #6 Leslie Frank Summit Co. Weaver Wksh Sup Assn – Retired (Summit CBDD)
Past Chairperson Jené Wilson ACCESS-Retired (Cuyahoga CBDD)
Business Manager Hank Haynes ACCESS-Retired (Cuyahoga CBDD)