Public Education Matters


Date: September 30, 2023

Public Education Matters is an initiative that uplifts the united voices of OEA members to ensure that educators, students, and communities receive fully funded and supported public schools. OEA is organizing this event to uplift the profession of education as a respectful, attractive, sustainable career path. We want to ensure that all educators are paid a living wage and guaranteed a comfortable pension they can’t outlive. We also need to keep the best educators in our schools – and continue to bring great educators into the profession – to meet the needs of our students. Together, we will achieve our vision of excellent public schools that Ohio’s students deserve.

The Ohio Education Association (OEA) represents approximately 120,000 teachers, faculty members and support professionals who work in Ohio’s schools, colleges, and universities who help improve public education and the lives of Ohio’s children. And on September 30, 2023, we will use our united voices with a solidarity event to show our full support for our public schools, educators, support staff and students!