As teacher license fee hike looms, OEA calls for Controlling Board action

[June 27, 2024] The Ohio Education Association (OEA) is deeply disappointed in the Ohio Senate’s inaction in addressing the State Board of Education funding gap. By not concurring with the House’s changes to Senate Bill 117, which would have provided $4.66 million to the State Board, the Senate only increases the potential for teacher licensure fee increases—up to 75 percent—and cuts to an already hamstrung State Board staff.

“Instead of working to fix this issue and close the State Board’s funding shortfall, the Senate has passed the buck onto the backs of hardworking teachers who already pay out of their own pockets for continuing education and classroom supplies to ensure that their students have the resources they need to succeed,” said OEA President Scott DiMauro. “Educators in Ohio deserve dignity and respect for their work to support 90% of students attending Ohio’s public schools rather than increased licensure fees that will continue to exacerbate Ohio’s growing school staffing crisis by creating one more obstacle to staying in this critically important profession.”

Now that the Senate has closed the door on a legislative fix, OEA calls upon Governor DeWine and a bipartisan set of lawmakers from the Ohio General Assembly to ensure that the State Board receives the funding it needs at the next Controlling Board meeting on July 8.

OEA appreciates the work of the Ohio House of Representatives to fund the State Board of Education adequately through its passage of Substitute Senate Bill 117


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