OEA stands with the United Auto Workers

[September 26, 2023] The United Auto Workers strike is a call for justice, equality, and fair treatment to the dedicated, hardworking men and women in the automotive industry. The strike, which began on September 15, continues to grow with the addition of 5,600 workers on Friday to the 12,700 previous workers who are advocating for fundamental rights that every worker deserves. OEA and its Board of Directors support UAW’s fight for their rights, fair wages, and safe working conditions.

“The Ohio Education Association Board of Directors recognizes the critical role that the UAW plays, along with the commitment of its’ members who have shaped the auto industry and set standards for worker’s rights across the state. We express deep support and solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the United Auto Workers as they work for fair contracts with the American car manufacturers,” OEA President Scott DiMauro stated.

The Ohio Education Association passionately believes that a fair and equitable workplace is the foundation for a thriving economy and better communities. We encourage everyone to show their support for the United Auto Workers and join the fight to make things right at the Big Three.

Finally, the OEA Board of Directors urges the automotive industry stakeholders to engage in productive and fair negotiations that lead to a mutually beneficial resolution. “It is our hope that an agreement can be reached soon, and UAW members can return to their jobs with fair treatment and improved working conditions,” states Mr. DiMauro


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