OEA congratulates 2024 Ohio Teacher of the Year Mark Lowrie

[September 7, 2023] The Ohio Education Association (OEA) extends its warm congratulations to Gahanna-Jefferson Education Association member Mark Lowrie, who was named 2024 Ohio Teacher of the Year Thursday.

“Mr. Lowrie demonstrates clearly why public education matters so much in Ohio,” said OEA President Scott DiMauro, who attended Thursday’s event at Gahanna Lincoln High School to surprise Lowrie with the news of his award. “Great public schools open a world of opportunities for students from all walks of life, and exceptional educators like Mr. Lowrie make that possible.”

“His dedication to building outstanding broadcast journalism programs for his students – in both his current role at Gahanna Lincoln High School and previously at Marion L. Steele High School in Amherst – exemplifies the incredible work Ohio’s public educators do every day to help their students learn valuable life skills so they can follow their dreams,” DiMauro added. “Mr. Lowrie’s students over the past two decades are so lucky that he followed his own dream and found his calling in the classroom.”

Lowrie worked for 12 years in the broadcast television industry before returning to school to earn his master’s degree in education to become a teacher. He then spent 18 years in Amherst schools before coming to Gahanna Lincoln High School four years ago. The live newscasts he produces with his broadcast journalism students have earned many prestigious honors, including three National Student Production Awards, better known as the ‘Student Emmys’, in 2022 alone.

“The award-winning broadcast journalism programs that Mr. Lowrie has built over the years are a testament to his expertise in the field – not only from his valuable experience in his first career, but even more importantly from his commitment to embracing opportunities for professional growth and innovation in his career as an educator. Mr. Lowrie’s passion for education and for serving his students should be applauded,” DiMauro said. “Being named 2024 Ohio Teacher of the Year is a very well-deserved recognition for Mark Lowrie.”


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