OEA applauds court decision striking down gerrymandered maps

[January 12, 2022] Ohio Education Association President Scott DiMauro released the following statement in response to the State Supreme Court decision the maps for the Ohio House and Senate districts invalid and call for a with a new plan to be adopted within 10 days:

“The Ohio Education Association (OEA) applauds the wisdom of the Ohio Supreme Court in striking down the gerrymandered maps that would have denied Ohioans a real voice in the Statehouse. This is a huge victory for Ohio voters and for Ohio schools, which are greatly impacted by the decisions of the state’s elected lawmakers.

OEA looks forward to seeing newly drawn, fair maps that will reflect the will of the two-thirds of Ohio voters who demanded an end to Ohio’s broken mapmaking process. Ohio voters deserve to choose their politicians, not the other way around. Today’s Ohio Supreme Court decision represents a major step toward making that a reality.”


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