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OEA: Should We Believe What DeWine Says About Education or What He’s Actually Done?

Gubernatorial candidate Mike Dewine outlines his flawed education plan

“We welcome some of the good ideas on education offered today by gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine – ideas with which we agree, such as reducing standardized testing and getting more state funding into our schools,” said Ohio Education Association President Becky Higgins.

As a member of Congress, he voted was voting against funding programs that would have benefited Ohio’s public schools! …. Where was DeWine to rein in ECOT?

“But, unfortunately, his record tells another story. As a member of Congress, he voted against funding programs that would have benefited Ohio’s public schools. In addition, his call for more accountability for Ohio’s e-schools begs the question of where he’s been all these years when he could have done something to rein in the abuses of the state’s most notorious e-school, ECOT.”

We think a better bet for ensuring that every student and educator in Ohio has the resources and support they need to succeed is to vote for Richard Cordray for Governor.”

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