Ohio Education Association Endorses FitzGerald For Governor

COLUMBUS — November 4, 2013 — The Ohio Education Association (OEA) Fund for Children and Public Education (FCPE) State Council announced its unanimous endorsement of Ed FitzGerald for Governor.  The vote was taken at an FCPE convention on Saturday in Columbus.

“Ed FitzGerald has demonstrated a thorough and impressive command of the issues and challenges that face Ohio’s public schools and their students, “  said OEA President Becky Higgins. “If elected, we believe he has the vision and the leadership needed to make our public schools, our system of higher education and our programs for the developmentally disabled in Ohio that much better.”

The OEA FCPE State Council, comprised of elected OEA members from throughout the state, carefully screens candidates based on their voting records, their stated support of public education and the OEA’s priority issues.

“Educators, students, parents and the communities in which they live will be well-served by the election of Ed FitzGerald, “said Higgins. “As Governor, he would take the state in a new and more promising direction – away from the current trend to privatize public education – and toward more equitable and sustained state support of local public education.”


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