OEA President Says Input To Kasich Education Budget And Reform Must Include All Education Stakeholders

COLUMBUS — January 30, 2013 — Ohio Education Association President Patricia Frost-Brooks has sent a letter to Governor John Kasich saying it is essential to open up the process of the state education budget and accompanying reform proposals to all education stakeholders.

“I am writing to express my disappointment that you are developing a new school funding formula, a state education budget and a set of education reforms in a process that has included only the select few while excluding groups like the Ohio Education Association, which represents more than 121,000 educators, faculty members and education support professionals,” Frost-Brooks wrote.

“In the past, policy processes that exclude key stakeholders have resulted in extreme cuts to Ohio’s public schools, the diversion of public school funding to for-profit charter schools, online schools and voucher-supported private schools. The budget cuts in the current biennium have narrowed curriculum choices for students, increased class sizes and shifted school funding burdens from the state to local districts,” the letter said.


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The Ohio Education Association (ohea.org) represents 121,000 teachers, faculty members and support professionals in Ohio’s public schools, colleges and universities.


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