OEA Reaction To Strickland Scenarios For Balancing Budget

COLLUMBUS — September 9, 2009 — Ohio Education Association President Patricia Frost-Brooks issued the following statement regarding Governor Strickland’s budget news conference:

“The Ohio Education Association commends Governor Ted Strickland for his proposal to resolve Ohio’s budget crisis.  Thoughtful leaders have to make difficult decisions. OEA calls upon legislative leaders to support Governor Strickland’s recommendation to postpone the final phase of the income tax reduction.

“This option will preserve critical state and federal support of K-12 education reforms designed to move Ohio’s economy into the 21st century.  Without this option, the loss of state and federal dollars will force Ohio schools to slash vital academic programs and services such as transportation, staffing, and student activities.  Ohio cannot turn the corner economically without a strong commitment to public education as the bridge to the careers and industries of the future.”


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