Ohio Change Leaders for Just Schools

NEA’s Leaders for Just Schools launched in 2018 to help prepare educators to advance local, state, and national education policies that to increase equitable outcomes for every student. The program helps NEA members deepen their cultural awareness, identify and implement culturally responsive teaching practices, and gain the skills and knowledge that will empower them to create learning environments that are fair and equitable and encourage students to live as their authentic selves.

Image: Ohio Change Leaders for Just SchoolsProgram Mission:
The Leaders for Just Schools program helps NEA member leaders better understand how they can cultivate just schools for students of every race, place, background, and ability. The NEA’s vision is a great public school for every student. The core values of the Association are centered on this vision.

Program Goals:
Create a network of educator equity leaders who have the knowledge and experience to apply provisions in local, state or federal policy to advocate and lead school, community, and district-based efforts that will advance equitable outcomes for all students

Learn more about the NEA Leaders for Just Schools program: https://www.nea.org/professional-excellence/leadership-development/leaders-just-schools

Get Involved!

The OEA Leaders for Just Schools cohort will be convening a working meeting for OEA members on July 10 – 11th in Columbus. The purpose of this meeting will be to work as a team to identify ways in which you can use the Leaders for Just Schools model to make an impact on your community. Participants will be guided through an equity audit and then given the space, time, and resources to build a plan. As part of the process, participants will have the opportunity to network with other attendees with the goal of building connections around common areas of interest.

Participation is limited to OEA members in good standing and attendees are required to be present for the entire event. Participants will be provided with overnight accommodations in Columbus (including parking) and all meals.