Legislative Watch – December 8, 2023

Senate Bill 83 Narrowly Passes out of the Ohio House Higher Education Committee

Less than 24 hours before the House Higher Education Committee was to meet, Chairman Tom Young (R-Washington Township) amended the committee agenda to place Substitute Senate Bill 83 on the agenda for a possible vote.  The following morning, Substitute Senate Bill 83 was passed by a vote of 8-7.  In an underhanded move, Chair Young prohibited committee members from offering bill amendments or making comments regarding the bill.  Representative Gayle Manning (R-North Ridgeville) who previously indicated that she was a “no” vote on SB 83 switched her vote and voted “yes” to favorably report the bill. OEA is deeply disappointed and dissatisfied with Representative Manning’s vote and ask that you call her office to express your disappointment in her vote.  Rep. Manning’s office number is 614-644-5076.  Representatives Gail Pavliga (R-Portage County) and Justin Pizzulli (R-Scioto County) joined with the committee’s Democratic members in voting “no.”
Substitute Senate Bill 83, known as the Higher Education “Destruction” Act, is a sweeping piece of legislation that will eliminate collective bargaining rights of higher education faculty over certain working conditions and harm academic freedom on Ohio’s public university and college campuses. This bill represents the largest attack on collective bargaining rights since Senate Bill 5 in 2011.
The bill now heads to the Ohio House Rules and Reference committee to determine its fate for full House consideration. OEA urges you to continue to make your voice heard on this unpopular bill. If you haven’t already, please contact your Ohio House member using the online Action Alert and urge them to oppose this bill. 

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