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VBlog | The Value of Membership

OEA Pres. Scott DiMauro: “Many thanks to each of you for your efforts in ensuring we have a successful start to the 2019-20 school year…at this exciting time of new beginnings, I wish you the very best for a great year. Thank you for all you do for our fellow educators and the students we serve!”

Image: Scott DiMauro
President’s Message: Support, Protection, Power

Support, Protection, Power by OEA President Scott W. DiMauro | OEA is an incredible organization…we have caring, committed, qualified educators in all 88 of Ohio’s counties performing in a wide variety of roles who are united in a single cause.

The Hook of Standardization

By Matt Jablonski, Elyria EA | It is time for a change. My career has been devoted to the necessary, but misguided task of guiding students through a standardized system that has little relevance to life beyond high school.

You Cannot Silence the Voice of Working People

Teaching children is pretty wonderful. This has been my passion and in the 19 years that I taught, I learned from and have been inspired by my colleagues. I have also been moved by the actions of fellow union members …

The Sound of Silence … Worth the Consequences?

One of the first lessons a child learns in school is to listen and be quiet. Silence is often desired in schools, unless we ask for participation. But lately, I’m beginning to wonder if we are doing our students a …

Local Capacity

It takes all of us together to educate the child. And we all love what we do. We also know that whatever affects one is going to affect others, so we advocate and fight for our students and each other. …

Strong Local Associations

Sharing your experiences and learning from each other — learning the right things and sometimes the wrong things to do — is easily done when you’re part of the network the Association offers.

Perceptions and Procedures

Lessons from the 2017 NEA RA Anyone who reads social media related to the OEA/NEA can see that the perception of some of our colleagues is that OEA/NEA isn’t doing enough about certain issues, or worse, isn’t listening to members’ …

The Value of Membership

Members tell their stories of why they value OEA membership. By being a member of OEA, educators have the power to stand up for their students. OEA is an advocate for high quality public education for all students.

The Power of Participation

By Julie Rine, Minerva Local Education Association

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