Vote No in August! Join the One Person One Vote Campaign!

Vote NO in August - One Person, One Vote

From the country hollers to the city downtowns, we make our communities strong by our leadership, determination, and experience. Educators are the backbone of Ohio communities. Our futures are on the line, and it’s time for educators to lead the state in protecting our freedom and futures by voting no on Issue 1 this August.

Issue #1 is a power grab by corrupt politicians and outsider special interests to shred Ohio’s constitution to grant veto power to a small minority of Ohioans and undermine the sacred principle of one-person one-vote. Issue 1 is a threat to educators, our families, our communities, and our schools because it eliminates our freedom to make decisions that affect our lives, our schools, and our communities.

This summer we’re asking OEA members to volunteer to talk to other members and households about how important it is to vote no on Issue #1 during the special election on August 8th. Use the button if you’d like to learn more about how you can help get the word out.