Urge Legislators to Repeal State Takeovers and Restore Local Control

Image: HB 154 - State Takover

Two former teachers now serving in the Ohio House of Representatives — Joe Miller (D-Amherst) and Don Jones (R-Freeport) — have introduced House Bill 154, a bi-partisan bill that would repeal the ill-conceived law that allows the state to takeover local school districts that are deemed to be in trouble. HB 154, which has 29 bi-partisan co-sponsors, would restore local control to school districts.

The current state takeover law provides no citizen oversight through elected school boards, no voice for classroom teachers and has been bad for our kids.

Rep. Jones and Rep. Miller will deliver sponsor testimony before the Ohio House Education Committee on April 2nd.

If approved, HB 154 would immediately terminate Academic Distress Commissions (ADCs), restore local control over public schools, and require school districts to develop school improvement teams in F-rated buildings.

TAKE ACTION by urging state legislators to support HB 154 and adapting the sample letter provided. When you submit your message, it will be sent to your State Representative and State Senator.