Help end student retention under the Third Grade Reading Guarantee

House Bill 497, jointly sponsored by Representatives Gayle Manning (R- North Royalton) and Phil Robinson (D- Solon), would eliminate student retention under the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Additionally, the bill would reduce state-mandated testing by limiting the 3rd grade ELA test to a single administration. OEA supports this bill because high-stakes decisions about students should not be based on a test score. Further, reducing the time spent on standardized testing will free up more time for teaching and learning in the classroom.

In June, HB (House Bill) 497 passed the Ohio House 82-10. You can help this important bill to become law by urging your state senator to support the bill and to take action when they return to session after the election.

TAKE ACTION: Please adapt the sample letter to express your support for the bill to your state representative. Provide information about how this bill will help your students or issues you have encountered that this will help to solve.