Take Action to Protect the Will of the People

Democracy in Ohio is facing a new attack with the constitutional amendment proposed by Secretary of State Frank LaRose and State Representative Brian Stewart (R-Ashville). House Joint Resolution 6 (HJR 6) would make it much harder to pass citizen-initiated constitutional amendments in our state by requiring a supermajority of 60% of the vote. This would make it much more difficult to pass amendments to advance the interests of students and educators, including a potential constitutional amendment to fully and fairly fund Ohio’s public schools.  

For more than a hundred years, Ohioans have had the power to set the policy agenda for our state and enshrine rights into our state constitution through direct democracy. Citizen-led constitutional ballot initiatives are never undertaken lightly. To place a constitutional amendment on the ballot, citizen groups are required to collect nearly half a million verified signatures from at least half of Ohio’s counties. Changing the rules so only 40% of voters can block the will of the rest of the state’s citizens when these issues are on the ballot is unfair and wrong. If passed, HJR 6 would continue to allow passage of legislator initiated constitutional amendments with a simple majority, while requiring amendments brought forth by voters to pass by 60%. This undermines the will of the people and is unacceptable.  

We must come together to protect the fundamental right of Ohio’s voters to decide critical issues at the ballot box. Don’t allow politicians in Columbus to ignore the will of the people.

TAKE ACTION: Please adapt the sample letter to urge your legislators to oppose HJR 6.