Unite to oppose House Bill 327

Let’s unite to oppose House Bill 327 – legislation that would force educators to whitewash our history and distract from the real issues facing Ohio’s schools!

Recent revisions included in substitute HB 327 continue certain politicians’ anti-freedom, government censorship push to control how educators instruct our kids. While it started out as a bill dealing with so-called “divisive topics”, the current version replaces undefinable “divisive concepts” language with vague references to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, apparently requiring Ohio educators to become constitutional law experts in order to understand what the bill’s sponsors don’t want them teaching. The bill carries the potential punishment of taking away teachers’ licenses while allowing for members of the public to sue educators to stop teaching the truth to our kids.

Make no mistake, this latest version of HB 327 is just another exercise in smoke and mirrors by some state leaders to deflect their constitutional responsibility to fully fund all of Ohio’s public schools and provide Ohio’s children with the resources they need to succeed.


TAKE ACTION: Please contact members of the State & Local Government Committee, as well as Speaker Bob Cupp, and demand that they formally drop consideration of this horrific, anti-academic freedom and honesty bill.