Local Report Card Changes – Your Educator Voice is Needed

House Bill 82 provided many reforms to the Local Report Card. This bill also required the Ohio State Board of Education to update certain rules (Chapter 3301-28 Local Report Card) by March 31, 2022.  The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) is now accepting public comments about the proposed changes to these rules. OEA encourages members to access the ODE website and provide educator feedback about the proposed changes to the Local Report Card rules. The proposed rule changes can be found here: Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Rule Comments | ODE

Comments should be sent to rulecomments@education.ohio.gov and the deadline to submit is Wednesday, February 9th.

The OEA summary of the House Bill 82 updates to report card system can be found here: House Bill 82 OEA Bill Summary 6.28.21 (Adobe pdf)