It’s time to call the Governor on vouchers

Phone call

Over the last two weeks OEA members and the public education community have come out in force to provide testimony on EdChoice vouchers. The message has been clear – to urge support of Senate Bill 89 as passed by the House. This bill would stop voucher eligibility based on a broken report card system and would move away from paying for vouchers at the expense of local public schools. The bill would also dissolve academic distress commissions in Youngstown, Lorain and East Cleveland and restore local control.

Despite compelling testimony from educators all over Ohio, it’s clear the Senate isn’t listening. They haven’t moved towards the House’s plan. Governor DeWine is a key decision maker. He needs to hear from you.

Please call the Governor today! Call (614) 644-4357 

Urge Gov. DeWine to support the House’s plan on EdChoice vouchers to move away from performance-based vouchers based on broken report cards and to protect local control of school districts.

Thank you!