Call Governor DeWine on Redistricting

Ohio voters approved a Constitutional amendment to create fair legislative districts. So far, the Ohio Redistricting Commission has ignored the will of the people and produced maps that greatly favor one party.

Take a moment today to call Governor DeWine’s office. Let him know that this is unacceptable. He needs to show some leadership on the issue.

Call 614-466-3555.

You will likely be leaving a voicemail message. Give your name and deliver your message—here are suggested scripts.

“The maps considered by the Ohio Redistricting Commission are unacceptable. Ohioans voted for fair, representative districts. It’s time for the Governor to show leadership and work for a bipartisan agreement. Don’t ignore the 71% of voters who supported fair maps.”

“Partisan gerrymandering leads to political extremism. Voters want politicians to work together and solve problems. That’s why we passed redistricting reform. The currently proposed maps are unacceptable and ignore the will of the people. The Governor needs to show some leadership and deliver a bipartisan agreement on redistricting.”