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Every day OEA works to improve public education for our students and our members. Our strength lies in collective action. With over 122,000 members, we can affect policy to improve public education for students and the educators who serve them. Letters, emails, petitions, and phone calls from you often make the crucial difference.

Current Actions

Vote NO in August - One Person, One Vote
Vote No in August! Join the One Person One Vote Campaign!

Protect our freedom and stand up to this undemocratic, unfair, unpopular and unnecessary amendment! Vote NO in August! We need your voice to win!

Bad for students. Bad for higher education. Bad for Ohio.

Senate Bill 83, sponsored by Senator Jerry Cirino (R-Kirkland), was introduced on March 14, 2023. It is a sweeping piece of legislation that proposes an unprecedented level of political interference and micromanagement of Ohio’s colleges and universities.

Urge Legislators to Update and Fully Fund the Fair School Funding Plan

Full implementation and updates to the funding plan will ensure that all of Ohio’s students, regardless of their zip code, their race, or their family income, receive the resources needed to thrive and succeed.

Urge your legislators to oppose voucher expansion

Several proposals in the Ohio legislature propose massive expansions in eligibility for school vouchers. Voucher programs use public taxpayer money to pay for private school tuition for students. This comes at the expense of the approximately 90% of students who attend Ohio’s public schools. Contact your legislators and urge them to say no to voucher expansion.