About OEA

OEA represents approximately 120,000 teachers, faculty members and support professionals who work in Ohio’s schools, colleges, and universities to help improve public education and the lives of Ohio’s children. OEA members provide a wide range of professional education services in communities throughout the state.

Our members teach in kindergarten classrooms, high school labs and university halls. They counsel adolescents and help students carve out career aspirations. We coach athletes and transport students to and from the schools and extra-curricular events. We provide professional services to benefit students, schools and the public in virtually every position needed to run Ohio’s schools.

OEA members are dedicated to children and public education. Since 1847, the OEA has been working to make schools better and improve public education. OEA’s mission is to lead the way for the continuous improvement of public education while advocating for our members and the students we serve. We always have, and always will, work to that end. Through OEA’s more than 150-year history OEA members have been involved in every struggle and effort to advance the finest of America’s dreams: a quality public education for every child.

We are the OEA — Leading the Way for Children and Public Education



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OEA is led by a strong team made up of an Executive Director and three elected officers, longtime education professionals who are committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity for a great public education, regardless of zip code.




Board of Directors

The OEA Board of Directors is comprised of 53 members from across the state. Board members are elected to represent members from each of the 10 OEA Districts, higher education members, retired members, and student members, as well as several Board members who serve as statewide representatives.




Local Affiliates

OEA is comprised of over 700 local affiliates and district associations that advocate for their members and public education. Locals advance the educational and civic interests of the community, raise the standard of the education profession, cultivate a spirit of cooperation and unity among its members, and promote the mutual professional and material interests of members.




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