OEA-R 2019 NEA-RA Delegate Election— Bios

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OEA-R Balloting — Online & Paper

The NEA Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly (RA) is July 2-7, 2019, at the George R. Brown Convention Center, in Houston, TX.

The OEA-R Delegates Election close at 5 p.m. March 30, 2019.

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If you would prefer a paper ballot, please notify Election-America, Inc., prior to March 14 by sending an email to: Help+OEAR@Election-America.com or by calling: 877-466-7875.

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NEOEA Advisory Council | 1 Open Seat

1. Diallas York
2. Donna Smoot Walters
3. Marsh Buckley

NOTE: Listed in no particular order or preference.

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OEA-R Spring Ballot Order | 8 Open Delegate Seats
1. Jane Rahn
2. William Dorsey
3. Kathleen Purdy
4. Jene Wilson
5. Tina Adams
6. Jeff Corbin
7. Judy Ritchey Novak
8. Donna Smoot Walters
9. Phil Long
10. Becky Mayer
11. Homer O. Adams
12. Joyce R. Skocic
13. O. Christina Wall Swank
14. John Hoyes
15. Joyce Hives
16. Donald Traxler
17. Mary Binegar
18. Deloris Rome Hudson
19. Steven Mitchell
20. Barry Alcock
21. Barbara Catalano
22. Carol Kinsey
23. Marti Franks
24. Judy Buschle
25. Wil Vickery
26. Peg Ham
27. Willie Terrell Jr.

NOTE: Listed in no particular order or preference.


Jane A. Rahn, Dayton, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 34 years
  • LOCAL: Past President/UniServ Representative/Fund for Children and Public Education Chair;
  • WOEA: Area 3 Representative, Member Rights and Protection Committee Chair, Delegate;
  • WOEA-Retired: Life Member, Chairperson (2010-2016), Vice-Chairperson (2008-2010);
  • OEA: Delegate;
  • OEA-Retired: Life Member, Advisory Council Member At-Large (2017-2020), Advisory Council (2010-2016), Membership
  • Recruitment Grant Project Member and Co-Chairperson;
  • NEA: Delegate;
  • NEA-Retired: Life Member, Organizing Conference (2012-2016), Annual Meeting Attendee – 5 years.

William A. Dorsey, Columbus, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 34 years
  • LOCAL: President, President-Elect, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Bargaining Team Chair;
  • NEOEA: Executive Committee (Board of Directors) Member, Delegate;
  • OEA: Secretary-Treasurer, Executive Committee (Board of Directors) Member, Program and Budget Committee Chair; Personnel-UniServ Committee Chair, Statewide UniServ Advisory Council Chair, Lake Erie/Northcoast UniServ Service Council Chair, Delegate;
  • OEA-Retired: Life Member;
  • NEA: Board of Directors Member, Committee on Program and Budget Member, Delegate;
  • NEA-Retired: Life Member;
  • OTHER: STRS Board Member/Chair.

Kathleen Purdy, Alliance, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 33 years
  • ECOEA: Past President, Vice President;
  • ECOEA-Retired: Newsletter Editor, Program Committee, Executive Committee;
  • NEOEA-Retired: Megaconference and Spring Conferences Attendee,
  • OEA: Doris L. Allen Minority Caucus Retired Representative;
  • OEA-Retired: Advisory Council (2011-2017), Legislative Committee (2011-2016), Fund for Children and Public Education (2011-2016), Communications (2017), Public Relations (2017), Grant Writing Team (2016-2017), New Educator Campaign Training, Spring Conference in Macon/Zanesville/Mansfield;
  • NEA-Retired: Annual Meetings, Delegate;
  • OTHER: Political Activist of the Year, Outstanding Minority Educator of the Year, Kent State Alumni, Marlington Local Schools Education Foundation, Stark County Democratic Party Endorsed Candidate for State Board of Education District 8, Coalition of Women Voters Endorsed Candidate for Marlington Local Schools Board of Education, Youngstown Community Leadership Coalition on Education, Arlington Church of God Women in Motion, Alliance YWCA, Alliance Area Senior Citizens Center, Columbiana County Business and Professional Women (BPW), former Area Democratic Club Vice President and Chairwoman of Days in the Park booth, Rodman Public Library Levy Committee.

Jene Wilson, Highland Heights, Ohio


  • OEA: Resolutions Committee;
  • NEOEA: Summer Leadership and Resolutions Committees, Public Relations Committee Chairperson;
  • Ohio Association of Special Needs Professionals (OASNP): Past President
  • Adjunct at Notre Dame College: 10 years;


  • Local: President – 10 years, Vice-President, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary; Contract & Grievance Chairperson – 11 years
  • OASNP: Chairperson – 5 years, Vice-Chairperson – 24 years
  • NEOEA/OEA: RA Delegate – 31 years
  • NEA: RA Delegate – 22 years
  • District: NEOEA Unit 10 Board of Directors Representative – 3 years
  • Uniserv: Secretary, Elections Committee – 3 years, Local Development and Training CFC – 6 years
  • NEOEA & OEA: Legislative and Resolutions Committees – 6 years each

Tina Adams, Mansfield, Ohio

  • ESP: 30 years
  • Local: Past President – 4 years, Vice-President/Contract Chair; Building representative, negotiations Chair
  • OEA: Legislative Committee, Collective Bargaining Core Function Committee, 2009 ESP of the Year
  • NCOEA: Legislative Committee
  • Delegate: OEA -12 years, NEA – 8 Years, OEA-R 2 Years

Jeff Corbin, Pickerington, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 32 years
  • LOCAL: Office Volunteer, Senior Faculty Representative – 18 years, Board of Governors, Bargaining Team – 3 times, Outstanding Faculty Representative – 4 times, Builder of the Association Award Recipient, Distinguished Service Award Recipient;
  • CAPITAL: District Representative;
  • CEA-Retired: Life Member, Executive Board;
  • OEA: Delegate – 18 years, Convention and Planning Committee, Top 250 Signature Collector against SB 5;
  • OEA-Retired: Advisory Council Member and Treasurer, Advisory Council Membership/Guidelines/Elections Committees, Life Member;
  • NEA: Delegate – 18 years;
  • NEA-Retired: Life Member.

Judy Novak, Fredericktown, Ohio

  • LOCAL: UniServ Council Chair/Secretary, Board of Directors, Contract Chair, Evaluation Committee, Negotiations Team, Newsletter Editor, Building Representative;
  • NCOEA: Executive Committee, Professional Development Committee, District Screening Committee, Constitution and Bylaws Committee;
  • OEA: Fund for Children Public Education State Council, Legislative Committee, Convention Planning Committee, Women’s Caucus Executive Committee, Member Rights and Protection Committee Core Function Committee, Delegate;
  • OEA-Retired: Advisory Council; Delegate; Program Planning and Organizing Committees, Women’s Caucus Executive Committee;
  • NEA: Delegate – 8 years.

Donna Smoot Walters, Copley, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 35 ½ years
  • LOCAL: Lead Representative, Crisis Committee, Constitution & Bylaws Committee;
  • NEOEA: Delegate – 8 years, Board of Directors, Program Committee, Credentials Committee, NEOEA Day, Security & Retirement Committees;
  • NEOEA-RETIRED: Organizing Committee, Credentials Committee, Membership Committee, Secretary of Retired Organizing Committee, Delegate;
  • OEA: Life Member, Inter-generational Mentor-Kent State, Fund for Children and Public Education Screening Committee/Executive Club Award, Doris L. Allen Minority Caucus Member, Women’s Caucus Member, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Caucus Member, Delegate – 8 years; Congressional Contact Team Chair;
  • OEA-Retired: Delegate;
  • NEA: Attended Spring Annual Conference (San Diego, Orlando, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas), Minority and Women Caucus Member, Delegate – 8 years, Mid-Atlantic Conference Official Team Member;
  • NEA-Retired: Life Member, Conference (Denver, Orlando, Boston).

Phil A. Long, Celina, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 35 ½ years
  • LOCAL: President – 6 years, Vice-President – 5 years, Building Representative – 1 year;
  • WOEA: Vice President – 4 years, Delegate – 35 years, Screening Committee;
  • WOEA-Retired: Life Member, Past Membership and Reading Wellness Chair;
  • OEA: Board of Directors – 7 years, Delegate – 33 years, UniServ Secretary – 4 years, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus;
  • OEA-Retired: Life Member, Delegate;
  • NEA: Delegate – 15 years, RA Usher Committee Chair – 10 years, Applegate-Dorros Peace Award, Peace and International Understanding Award (1988);
  • NEA-Retired: Life Member, 2017 Delegate, 2017 Organizing Conference, Alliance for Retired Americans Delegate.

Becky Mayer, Ashland, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 24 years; Multi-Handicap Para Pro – 4 years
  • LOCAL: Past President, Vice President, Grievance Chair, Fund for Children and Public Education Chair, Bargaining Team, Teacher Evaluation Committee;
  • NCOEA: Past President, Vice President, Executive Committee, Professional Efficacy Core Function Committee, District Screening Chair, UniServ Chair, Region 4 CentWest Regional Coordinating Council Chair, President’s Advisory Council;
  • NCOEA-Retired: Organizing Committee – 2 years;
  • OEA: Past OEA Board of Directors, Informational Systems Core Function Committee Chair, President’s Cabinet, OEA/PSU Bargaining Support Team, Delegate – 21 years;
  • OEA-Retired: Delegate – 1 year;
  • NEA: Past NEA Director, Steering Committee, Delegate – 18 years;
  • NEA-Retired: Delegate – 1 year.

Homer O. Adams, North Royalton, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 34 years
  • LOCAL: President – 3 years, Political Action Committee Chair – 16 years, Educator’s Political Action Committee (EPAC) Fund Raising Committee Chair – 6 years, Negotiations (Bargaining) Team – 12 years;
  • NEOEA: Executive Committee (Board of Directors) – 24 years, Legislative Committee – 12 years, Representative to Cuyahoga County Library Children’s Book Selection Committee – 2 years, Day Planning Committee – 21 years, Travel Coordinator – 21 years, Delegate – 53 years;
  • NEOEA-Retired: Organizing Committee – 12 years;
  • OEA: Executive Committee (Board of Directors) – 6 years, Chair of OEA ad hoc Title IX Compliance Committee – 3 years, Professional Development Committee – 6 years, Legal Services Committee – 4 years, Convention Planning Committee – 3 years, Congressional Contact Team – 16 years, OEA House and Senate Contact and Screening Committee – 10 years; Delegate – 54 years;
  • OEA-Retired: Advisory Council President – 6 years, Advisory Council Vice President – 1 year, Advisory Council Past President – 6 years, Newsletter Editor – 2 years, Planning Committee Chair for NEA-Retired Spring Conference – 1 year;
  • NEA: Top Ohio Political Activist Award (2014 and 2016); Delegate – 45 years;
  • OTHER: Representative to Ohio Council of Urban Education Associations – 6 years/Secretary – 4 years; Ohio School Counselors Association President – 2 years; Ohio School Counselors Association President-Elect – 1 year; Cuyahoga County Educational Council President – 8 years/Treasurer – 4 years; Travel Program on WVIZ Channel 25 Host – 5 years.

R. Joyce Skocic, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 39 years
  • LOCAL: President, Secretary, Building Representative;
  • NCOEA: Delegate – 15 years;
  • OEA: Delegate 15 years;
  • NEA: Delegate – 15 years.
  • OTHER: State Representative Candidate District 68 (2014).

O. Christina Wall Swank, Millersburg, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 30 years
  • LOCAL: President, Negotiation Team – 12 years;
  • NCOEA: Past Executive Secretary/Treasurer – 5 years, Newsletter Editor – 10 years, Delegate – 26 years, President/Vice-President/Executive Committee (1986-2004);
  • OEA: Retired Representative on OEA Legislative Committee (2007-2013), Executive Committee/Board of Directors (1998-2014), UniServ Chair (1992-1996);
  • OEA-Retired: Advisory Council At-Large Representative (2013-2017), Advisory Council (1997-2004, 2007-2017), Co-Chair (2007-2013), Legislative Committee, Fund for Children and Public Education Committee, Screening Committee Chair (2007-2008), Delegate – 20 years, Life Member;
  • NEA: Delegate: 23 years;
  • NEA-Retired: Delegate – 16 years, Life Member.

John Hoyes, Zanesville, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 30 years
  • LOCAL: Zanesville EA & Kenston EA, – elected and appointed to numerous and diverse positions
  • EOEA: Delegate, Executive Committee, Credentials Committee
  • OEA/NEOEA/EOEA: RA Delegate – 37 years
  • OEA: Resolutions Committee
  • OEA/NEA: Delegate – 10 years.
  • OEA-R: Past Chair, Chairperson of Program Services + Membership/Election Committees, Life Member

Joyce M. Hives, Cleveland, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 32 ½ years
  • LOCAL: Crisis Committee, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Scholarship Committee, Legislative Committee, Negotiations Committee, Head Building Representative – 3 years, Building Representative – 30 years, Recording Secretary;
  • NEOEA: Minority Organizing Committee Member/Secretary, NEOEA Day, Mega Conference, Elections Committee Chair/Vice-Chair/Secretary, Delegate – 22 years;
  • NEOEA-Retired: Organizing Committee;
  • OEA: Campaign (2016/2014/2012), Organizing Strategy Core Function Committee, Doris L. Allen Minority Caucus/Executive Board/Committee/Member, Women’s Caucus Member, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender Caucus Member, Fund for Children and Public Education Executive and Presidents Club Awards, Candidate Training, Petition Training, Screening Training, Minority Leadership Training, Delegate – 22 years;
  • NEA: Black Caucus Member, Elections Committee, Delegate – 8 years, Attended Annual RA (2016, 2015).

Donald L. Traxler, Ada, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 34 years
  • LOCAL: Past President, Bargaining Team;
  • OEA: Past President, Retired Representative on OEA Resolutions Committee – 3 years, Peace and International Relations Committees, Delegate;
  • OEA-Retired: Resolutions Committee, Advisory Council, Delegate, Fall and Spring Conference Attendee;
  • NWOEA: Past President, Delegate, Fall Leadership Conferences Attendee;
  • NWOEA-Retired: Advisory Council Past Member;
  • NEA: Board of Directors (1974-1978), Resolutions Committee, Peace and International Relations Committees, Human Relations Committee, Delegate, NEA Delegate to World Confederation of Teaching Profession (now Education International) International Conferences in Nairobi (1973) and Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada (1987), Delegate;
  • NEA-Retired: Resolutions Committee, Delegate.

Mary Binegar, Springfield, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 34 years
  • LOCAL: Local President/Vice President, Bargaining Chair, Lead Negotiator;
  • CENTRAL: Board of Directors;
  • OEA: Board of Directors, Special Education Task Force, Delegate;
  • OEA-Retired: Advisory Council;
  • NEA: Board of Directors, Special Education Cadre, Delegate;
  • NEA-Retired: Delegate, Organizing Conference Participant;
  • OTHER: State Advisory Panel for Exceptional Children, Ohio Committee of Practitioners Member.

Deloris Rome Hudson, Eaton, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 37 years
  • LOCAL: Past President (15 years)/Vice-President/Secretary/Negotiation Team/Sick Bank Chair, Past UniServ GMC Representative/Vice Chair.
  • SWOEA: Past Executive Committee/Delegate/Legislative, Resolutions and Convention Planning Committees.
  • SWOEA-Retired: Life Member, Current Vice-President/Intergenerational Mentor (Miami Campus).
  • OEA: Past Executive Committee (Board of Directors)/Delegate/Program and Budget-BAC Committee/Minority Leadership Training Program Trainer/Negotiations Team/Legislative Committee/Resolutions Liaison. Current Collective Bargaining Core Function Committee/Minority Leadership Training Trainer/Congressional Contact Team.
  • OEA-Retired: Life Member.
    NEA: Past Board of Directors/Delegate/Mid-Atlantic Leadership Conference Participant/Human & Civil Rights Committee/Black Caucus Secretary/Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee. Current Minority Leadership Training Program Cadre/edCommunities Facilitator for School to Prison Pipeline OEA/OHIO.
    NEA-Retired: Life Member.

Steven Mitchell, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

  • Special Education Teacher: 35 years
  • Local: Past president 1 year, past vice-president, 15 years,
  • NEOEA: Organizing Committee, environmental concerns
  • SWOEA-Retired: Current: Treasurer;
  • OEA: Negotiations Team: Uni Serve Chair, Collective Bargaining 2 terms,
  • Delegate: OEA 25 years, NEA 10 years.

Barry Alcock, Groveport, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 39 years/National Board Certified Teacher (2003)
  • LOCAL: Board of Directors (2005-2014), Negotiation Team (2010-2014), Negotiation Support Team (2005-2010), Teacher Education and Professional Standards Committee Chair (2007-2010), Curriculum Committee (2007-2010), Budget Team (2005-2014), Head Building Representative (2002-2014), Building Representative (1998-2002);
  • CENTRAL: Board of Directors (2014-2018), Individual Professional Development Committee Chair (2010-2014), Organizing Committee Member (2017-Present);
  • CENTRAL-Retired: Advisory Board (2014-Present), Organizing Committee;
  • OEA: Board of Directors – 5 years, Professional Efficacy Core Function Committee (2010-2014), Local Development and Training Core Function Committee (2008-2009), Delegate – 16 years;
  • NEA: Delegate – 7 years.

Barbara Catalano, Gates Mills, Ohio

  • LOCAL: Vice President;
  • NEOEA: Board of Directors – 8 years, ESP Organizing Committee – 12+ years, Professional Development Committee – 10 years, Resolutions Committee, Constitution & Bylaws Committee, Author of “Blurbs from Barb” published in NEOEA News & Views;
  • NEOEA-Retired: Board of Directors, Organizing Committee;
  • OEA: Board of Directors – 6 years, Resolutions Committee, Ohio Association of Education Support Professionals Past Secretary and Vice President;
  • OEA-Retired: Advisory Board;
  • NEA: National Council for Education Support Professionals Member;
  • OTHER: Ohio ESP of the Year (2003).

Carol Kinsey, Navarre, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 37 Years
  • PAST LOCAL: Vice President, Secretary, Membership Committee Chair, Scholarship Committee, UniServ Council Representative
  • ECOEA-Retired: Leader of Distinction Award, Executive Committee, District Screening Committee Chair, Intra-Professional Political Action Committee; ECOEA Representative to Women’s Caucus Board
  • OEA-Retired: OEA Board of Directors, Constitution & Bylaws Sub Committee, Grant Committee Member, FCPE State Council Alternate/Former Representative, Congressional Contact Team 7 Chair, Senate District 29 Chair and House District 49 Representative, Past Representative to Member Rights and Protection Core Function Committee, Women’s Caucus Screening Committee member, Member (1) Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender Caucus, (2) Doris L. Allen Minority Caucus, (3) Women’s Caucus, (4) Hispanic Caucus, Ohio Retired Teachers’ Foundation Board of Director Member, Past OEA-R (1) Vice-Chair, (2) ECOEA Advisory Council Representative. (3) At-Large Representative, Project Team Member, OEA-R Life Member, RA Delegate – 15 years;
  • PAST OEA: Legislative Committee, Resolutions Committee, Joint UniServ Council Chair, Hall of Fame Council Representative to Appalachian Regional Coordinating Council, Active Delegate – 25 years
    NEA-Retired: National Conference Attendee, Life Member; RA Delegate – 13 years;
    PAST NEA: Active Delegate – 25 years,
  • OTHER: State Teachers Retirement System Pension/Health Care Champion.

Marti Franks, Reminderville, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 44 years
  • LOCAL: President – 20 years, Vice President, Delegate;
  • NEOEA: Public Relations – 6 years, Delegate – 6 years;
  • NEOEA-Retired: Labor Liaison (2011-present);
  • OEA: Commission on Organizational Development, Local Development and Training Committee – 6 years, Delegate – 6 years;
  • NEA: Delegate – 5 years;
  • OTHER: Social and Human Concerns Committee Member – 4 years

Judy Buschle, West Chester, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 36 years
  • LOCAL: President, Vice President, Secretary, Negotiations Team, Building Representative;
  • SWOEA: Resolutions Committee Chair, Zone Representative, Legislative, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Delegate – 23 years;
  • SWOEA-Retired: President;
  • OEA: Board of Directors, Constitution and Bylaws Committee Chair, Delegate – 23 years;
  • OEA-Retired: Advisory Council;
  • NEA: Resolutions Committee – 6 years; Delegate – 21 years.

Wil Vickery, Columbus, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 33 years
  • LOCAL: Past President/Vice-President/UniServ Council Chair, Fund for Children and Public Education Chair, Negotiations Team, Past Building Representative, Past Local Executive Council;
  • CENTRAL: Executive Board Member, Delegate – 9 years;
  • NCOEA: Executive Committee Member, Delegate – 7 years;
  • OEA: Legislative Committee, Professional Efficacy Core Function Committee, Board of Directors, Delegate – 16 years, Fund for Children and Public Education State Council;
  • OEA-Retired: Advisory Council;
  • NEA: Delegate – 16 years;
  • NEA-Retired: Organizing Conference (2017).

Peg Ham, Lorain, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 35 years
  • LOCAL: Executive Committee, Membership Committee Chair, Building Representative, Professional Development Committee Secretary, Retired Nominating Committee;
  • NEOEA: Delegate, Summer Leadership Committee, Minority Organizing Committee, Professional Development Committee Chair/Secretary;
  • NEOEA-Retired: Organizing Committee, Spring Regional Conferences;
  • OEA: Women’s Caucus, Doris L. Allen Minority Caucus Member, Convention Planning Committee, Election Committee Chair, Legislative Committee, Local Development and Training Core Function Committee, Delegate;
  • OEA-Retired: Advisory Council Secretary, Life Member, Delegate, Retired Spring Regional Conferences;
  • NEA: Delegate;
  • NEA-Retired: Life Member; Alternate Delegate, East Regional Conference, Leadership and Organizing Conferences.

Willie A. Terrell, Jr., Dayton, Ohio

  • TEACHER: 39 years
  • LOCAL: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Negotiations Team Spokesperson, Doris L. Allen Minority Caucus Past President/Vice-President;
  • WOEA: Delegate – 34 years;
  • WOEA-Retired: Life Member, Delegate;
  • OEA: Fund for Children and Public Education Executive Club, President’s Club, Lifetime Achievement and Hall of Fame Awards, Minority Affairs – President/Vice President, Minority Trainer, Doris L. Allen Minority Caucus Vice-President; Delegate – 32 years;
  • OEA-Retired: Life Member, Delegate;
  • NEA: Minority Trainer, Delegate – 30 years;
  • NEA-Retired: Life Member, Alternate Delegate;
  • OTHER: Co-Founder of OHIO 8.

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For additional information, contact OEA Elections and Conference Coordinator William Baird at BairdW@ohea.org or call 614-227-3169. Balloting closes March 30, 2019 at 5 p.m.


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