Month: September 2016

State Superintendent DeMaria responds to a teacher’s letter

Dear Julie: Thanks so much for your message. First, let me say, I hear you! I sympathize with your frustration and am deeply saddened that we find ourselves in a state where teachers are demoralized and feeling demeaned. Your third …

They Weren’t Here When the World Stopped Turning

The events of September 11th can easily be used to teach many common core standards, at least at the high school level. But that’s not why I teach it. For the freshmen who were in my class that day, I am a part of their memories of September 11th, as they are of mine. But the freshmen who are in my classes today have no memory of 9/11; they were not even born yet. We can’t teach our students to feel what we feel when we remember that day, but we can teach them about the beauty of the flags flying on nearly every house for weeks afterward.